About Us

About Us


         Bruce           &         Marianne

We are so blessed! Grace upon grace has been the story of our Life together — evenly yoked, and being drawn ever more into tracks of righteousness (Psalm 23) day by day. It has been an amazing journey these last 17 years since we were married in Scotland at Traquair House on June 24, 2000. And it even started for the two years before that beginning in 1998 when we met. We are two souls whom God brought together to be one flesh, in one Spirit.

God has led us through science and healing, spirituality and music, biblical theology and linguistics, conferences and business, to collaborate with some of the most wonderful and brilliant people of our day to birth a new people and a new world into the Kingdom of Heaven which is close at hand.

So everything we do is with eternity in mind as T.S. Eliot suggested should be the case. Life is so short in the earthly tent, we figure why not? Toward this end we bring together all of the gifts God gave us, and all of the skills He led us to develop, so that by the Word and by music, and by the power of His Spirit, we might bring forth something refreshing and renewing in these days when we know that Elijah will come to restore all things in so that the King of Glory may come in. Not by power, and not by might, but by My Spirit saith YHWH. (Zech. 4:6)

Our passion is now focused as One, after years of growth together, so that we are fully attuned — scripturally, musically, physically, and energetically — for that time of which the prophets spoke wherein we might be privileged to see iniquity swept from the earth before our very eyes! What a challenging and awe-inspiring birthing process that will turn out to be. Shall a people be born in day? Yes, it shall come to be. (Isaiah 66:8-9)

What do we bring to the journey? In addition to our love and joy, our intelligence and inspiration, we bring our calling to serve, and to conserve. We identify ourselves as servants of Christ, servants of our brothers and sisters, called to love all and to be peacemakers. In that capacity our self-understanding is also as one of stewards, stewards of the mysteries of God, which it gives us great joy to put out as a great banquet for any to come and eat. This website is Our Treasury, because it contains the Treasure of that great Living Food of the Bread of Heaven.

Marianne brings a lifetime of music — piano and voice, composition and harmony — and a journey through acting with the Shakespeare conservatory in NY and across the country. She studied in Berkeley at the Acupressure Institute, with thousands of hours of professional training in Chinese Medicine and many more in professional study in Jin Shin Jyutsu and Inner Relationship Focusing. Her hands on work brings a touch that is rare, with an unsurpassed capacity to get to the root of the disharmony. With her practice in San Francisco she brought healing to many, serving as a conduit for the Spirit to work. Currently, she is focusing on composition, playing piano and bringing to sound new works for the psalms, the Odes of Solomon, and other biblical passages. These pieces, along with those she collaborated on with Bruce, should soon appear on this website. Marianne is a lovely testimony to God’s handiwork, living her life in loving joy and service to others.

Bruce has had a similarly eclectic path, working in science and Spirit for nearly four decades. Since 1976 he has worked to expand the world of biblical spirituality and to promote a faith lived out in practice. From organizing global conferences in science and theology on topics from genetic engineering to future worlds, to presenting on themes from linquistics to archaeology and astrophysics, he has pioneered in the harmonization of man’s worldview with the more comprehensive perspective of the Godhead. Earning an M.A. in systematic theology together with a Master of Divinity Degree from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, he has striven to unite a biblical mysticism with a thoroughgoing Christ-centered spiritual theology. This website will host the fruit of that forty year sojourn in the wilderness, a confluence of his thought and experience. His passion is to see an end to aeons of an administration of darkness, and to labor under the spirit of Elijah’s work in the restoration of all things.